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June 24, 2015

Wash and go styles only work if you have a curl pattern naturally.  You'll know this because once you've wet your hair you will see the curls come in. ( If you do not see curls you may want to do a twist or a twist out)

To acheive the best wash and go possible you will need.

1. Freshly washed hair that has been detangled.  Section wet hair and apply..

2. A great leave in conditioner one that behaves well in your hair making it feel soft and supple.

3. A finisher/styler choose based on the look you want - looks can range from very defined to fluffy.  A finisher/styler is always some sort of gel. Gels are usually aloe or flax seed based.

4. An oil to seal in the moisture and to give shine.

Apply products in layers as described above.  Allow to dry you may finger curl if you prefer the look (air or under a bonnet dryer) Only touch when hair is perfectly dry.


August 19, 2015

There are two ways to acheive a great twist out.  You could apply products in the same way you do a wash and go. Applying the oil after the hair has been twisted or braided or you could just use a twisting butter.  Twisting butters usually have some sort of hold built into them but they are generally for fluffier looks.

Great twisting butters to try are OBIA twist whip butter or Coco Curls Styling cream.

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